Here are Some of the Best Sources to Study for the NDA 2022 Exam

By | August 13, 2022

NDA is a national-level entrance examination held by UPSC for students interested in joining the armed forces. The examination is held for Army, Air Forces, and Naval Academy recruitment.

However to crack the exam, one must have top-notch preparation which is impossible without good books and study material. NDA books can be found in large numbers in the market. Some of them are excellent reads that cover a wide range of topics. Others aren’t quite as impressive. 

On that note, let’s go over the available NDA sources in-depth and determine which ones are the finest for the written exam. 

Some of the Best Sources for NDA Maths Paper

Pathfinder For NDA and NA

One of the best NDA books on the market is Pathfinder for NDA and NA published by Arihant Publication. The book includes extensive explanations of theories on a variety of math topics. Then there are questions that have been answered. There are also solved questions from prior years. 

Best Sources to Study for the NDA 2022 Exam
Best Sources to Study for the NDA 2022 Exam

This book covers practically all of the concepts included in the NDA math paper. However, the explanations can be difficult to understand at times, and you may need to consult additional publications. Overall, it’s a good book with thorough analysis and answers to all of the concerns. In addition, there are chapters on general ability in the book. As a result, you can use it as a stand-alone book.

Mathematics For NDA and NA by R.S Agarwal

If you already know the fundamentals of the Maths topics, this book can help you find a variety of questions that can be asked in the NDA and NA exams. The chapters are not discussed in detail, but the sheer number of questions will help you be prepared for the NDA exam in a solid way. 

The book covers Trigonometry, Determinant and Matrices, Algebra, Analytical Geometry, Vector Algebra, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Statistics, and Probability in detail.

Online Maths Classes and Study Materials

Top online education portals such as Vedantu, Testbook, Byju’s, and others offer comprehensive study materials for the NDA exam. If these study resources are extensively practiced in conjunction with online Maths classes, any NDA preparation can be greatly aided.

The online NDA study materials are no way less insightful than any of the NDA books available in the market. You can find online videos, quizzes, or test series on these platforms whether you want to study unit vector in mathematics or want to go over last week’s current affairs

Books Some of the Best Sources for NDA General Ability Test (GAT) 

Newspapers and The TV News

The GAT consists of questions about current events. You must be aware of global incidents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is only possible if you read newspapers every day. The nice part about newspapers is that they analyze the news as well, which will be useful during the SSB interview. You should also monitor the news on television to keep up with the latest events. Watching English news programs or reading daily English newspapers can also help you learn spoken English. 

Manorama Yearbook

When it comes to GK books, Manorama Yearbook is the market leader. The book includes not only current events but also history and geography topics that are well-organized.


If you’re intimidated by the sheer size of the Manorama Yearbook, Lucent’s GK books can help. The book is concise and to the point, covering the majority of common GK topics.

Finally, we’d like to mention that when it comes to studying for the NDA exam, NCERT books are your best ally. The NDA test consists of questions with a Class 12 or lower quality. 

You would not need any other reference book to pass the exam if you carefully follow the NCERT books and understand all of the ideas presented in them. You will need to brush up on your history and geography knowledge for the GAT part as well by reading the Class 9/10 textbooks.

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